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Welcome to the International Student Affinity Group!

We are a diverse and dynamic group of international students united by our shared experiences, passions, and journeys.

Who Can Join?

Any undergraduate business student, regardless of nationality, can join! You're encouraged to join if you:

  • Are an International student

  • Were born or have lived multiple years abroad

  • Have family abroad

  • Have studied abroad

  • Want to connect more with the international community at Kenan-Flagler!

Our Mission

We strive create a supportive and inclusive space where:

Connections Thrive: Forge friendships and professional connections across cultures.

Cultural Exchange Flourishes: Share and celebrate our diverse backgrounds and traditions.

Support is Found: Provide assistance and guidance to navigate life as international students.

Personal Growth Occurs: Encourage personal development and academic success in a new environment.

Example Events

Here are some events and activities that our community might organize to facilitate cultural exchange and support:

Cultural Potluck Dinners: Sharing traditional cuisines and stories from various cultures.Workshops on Cultural Adaptation: Discussions on adapting to a new environment.

Exploration Trips: Visits to local landmarks, museums, or cultural festivals.

Join us in these events and activities as we build a thriving community that embraces diversity and supports one another on our international journeys!


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  • July 14, 2023


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