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Welcome to the Black Student Undergraduate Affinity Group!

We are a vibrant and supportive community of Black students and supporters who come together to celebrate our culture, build connections, and create memorable experiences. Our group offers a space where:

Cultural Celebration Reigns: Embrace and honor the richness of Black culture through various activities and events.

Connections Flourish: Forge lasting connections and friendships within a supportive network.

Empowerment is Key: Provide a platform for empowerment, encouragement, and growth.

Fun and Fellowship Prevail: Engage in enjoyable activities that bring us closer together.

Activities and Events

Our group hosts a variety of engaging activities, including:

Game Nights: Join us for friendly competitions and laughter-filled game nights.

Movie Nights: Enjoy screenings of films that celebrate Black history and culture.

Cultural Discussions: Thought-provoking conversations on relevant Black issues.

Community Outreach: Engage in initiatives that positively impact the broader community.

Artistic Expressions: Showcasing talents through poetry slams, art exhibitions, or music events.

Join us for these events and more, as we create a space that celebrates our culture, fosters connections, and embraces unity within the Black student community!


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  • May 13, 2023


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