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“Cultivating a community where students are empowered to be their authentic selves.”

CEI Mission Statement

2020 - Present

The Undergraduate Business Program (UBP) is dedicated to cultivating an enriching and inclusive environment for all students, guided by our commitment to community, equity, and inclusion. As the Community, Equity, and Inclusion Board, our primary objective is to advocate for and support the diverse student body within Kenan-Flagler. Through our comprehensive range of initiatives and programs, we aim to enhance the undergraduate experience, promote equitable opportunities, and foster an environment that nurtures growth and success.

To achieve our mission, we operate through three distinct divisions: Student Advocacy, Internal Programs, and External Programs. Each division plays a vital role in implementing strategies and fostering a sense of community, equity, and inclusion within the UBP.



Directly impacts communities and engages with external stakeholders, such as other universities, organizations, and community partners, to foster collaboration and promote community, equity, and inclusion beyond the UBP. 

Activities Include:

  • Community Campaign Program

  • Education Campaign Program

  • Identity Campaign Program


Responsible for designing and implementing programs that directly impacts individuals within the UBP community. These include workshops, Affinity Groups, and other mentorship programs for students.

Activities Include:

  • Affinity Group Program

  • MBA Partnership Program

  • NEST Program


Impacts the institution and focuses on amplifying student voices, addressing concerns, and ensuring that every student feels represented and supported. Working with Dean and UBP Staff to ensure student-focused solutions.

Activities Include:

  • Town Hall Program

  • Temperature Check Project

  • Student Research Initiative


Leverages technology to keep our organization at the forefront of Communications. We emphasize new student engagement and making it as easy as possible to learn about new opportunities and programs from CEI.


Focuses on long-term sustainability of programming and projects alongside organization-wide management. Acts as the Human Resources entity for onboarding new AG Leads, Board Members, and Leads.  


Leaving room to learn, educate, and grow.

We operate under the guidance of three distinct divisions, each serving as a framework to categorize and delineate our activities. However, our commitment to innovation and adaptability ensures that we remain dynamic and responsive to evolving needs and opportunities. Within this structured environment, program leads are empowered to spearhead initiatives, conceive novel concepts, gather pertinent data, and examine our organization from various perspectives. This ethos of exploration and experimentation fosters a culture of creativity and continuous improvement, allowing us to stay at the forefront of our field and effectively meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.



Not your everyday organization.

In 2023, our board adopted a new leadership style with an emphasis on providing students with more opportunities. Each of our five divisions is lead by 1-2 students, with them having the ability to have student leaders of themselves within the specific area. For example, our Internal Programs division has Affinity Group Leads and our Student Advocacy division has Initiative Leads. This is our attempt to bring more leadership opportunities to more students than the traditional KFBS club.


Leadership Opportunities (20+)

Standard Club

Leadership Opportunities (7+)


Harmony over hierarchies.

The CEI Board operates on an egalitarian structure, prioritizing the values of equality and inclusivity. This framework fosters an environment where every member is empowered to freely express their opinions, beliefs, ideas, critiques, or any general interests they may have. Leadership positions within the Board are designed to provide structure and facilitate the division of responsibilities, particularly concerning project and campaign curation and organization. However, these roles are not hierarchical in nature; instead, they serve to facilitate collaboration and coordination among members. This commitment to egalitarianism not only fosters a culture of respect and openness but also empowers each member to contribute meaningfully to the collective goals and objectives of the organization.



Our main institutional partner is the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This includes Kenan-Flagler Business School and various organizations within it. Through this partnership, our board members have access to a wealth of resources, including a range of professional development opportunities. Our goal is to help our partners run successful campaigns and projects that benefit the undergraduate population.

Programs and Projects.

Programs are long-term, developed projects that are integrated into a division and what they do yearly. The events contained in the program are expected to be continuous and built-off each year. Examples include our Campaigns, Affinity Groups, and Town Hall.

Projects are individual topics that board members can select upon their first semester in our organization. They work on developing the plan and research that can be passed onto future students upon graduation, or develop into a long-term program. Examples include the Podcast Project, Temperature Check Project, and Website Project. 

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