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Our Student Advocacy Program is dedicated to representing student voices both in and outside the classroom. Originally spearheaded during the 2020 Pandemic, Board Member Alexandra Hatsios (Co-President 22-23) led the charge on the Equity Proposal, our first student initiative. This was an attempt to equalize syllabi across certain classrooms on attendance, hybrid-viewing options, and other pandemic features.


The Board has since expanded how we approach advocacy, appointing Ryan Crowell as our first Student Advocacy Lead in 2023. This dedicated leader focuses on advocating for student needs with faculty and other institutional stakeholders. We strive to ensure that students have a voice and are heard when it comes to their learning experience.


Our Research Initiative is dedicated to providing data-backed solutions. We believe that the best decisions are informed decisions, so we spend a significant amount of time and energy collecting student perspectives. We use this feedback to ensure that our solutions are based on accurate and up-to-date information and are committed to delivering meaningful and impactful solutions.



The Multimedia Initiative provides an outlet for undergraduate students to share their stories and experiences. We are passionate about creating new channels to share these stories and information relating to the undergraduate experience. We are continuously experimenting with different mediums, such as podcasts, social media, and our website, to better engage with our student body.



The Town Hall Initiative provides a platform for students to have their voices heard. It is a safe space to share their opinions and perspectives on our community, and to provide advice, input, and feedback on programming and/or institutional policy. Town Hall is a great way for students to get involved and have their voices be a part of the decisions being made.



Our Faculty Initiative focuses on building partnerships between professors and our organization to create a space for dialogue and collaboration. Through this initiative, we are looking to engage with faculty to provide us with stronger and more impactful solutions. We invite faculty to provide feedback, perspective, and opinion to our programming and initiatives so that we can improve educational experiences for our students.



Our Inclusion Initiative works to ensure that all students are given equitable opportunities to succeed. We collaborate with faculty, staff, and the institution to develop and implement policies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through this initiative, we strive to create a more equitable and supportive environment for all business students.

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